Fairy Park great venue for any sized gathering. Perfect for parties, family get-together's or mothers groups. Simply arrive on the day, pick a suitable area in the picnic grounds, put up a few decorations and away you go! Have the kids dress up in theme for a bit of extra fun.

The picnic grounds are quite large and spread out with a variety of areas available on a
non-reserved basis. These include several rotundas’ housing electric BBQ’s with picnic tables dotted around nearby. There is also Ye Old Shelter that sits 80 people, has BBQ’s and is a perfect solution for wet and windy days.


BYO Picnic or Onsite BBQs

Picnics are very popular at Fairy Park. Pack your special lunch supplies and snacks, throw the picnic rug and/or folding chairs in the car and away you go. Water fountains are available at park.
If you're more keen on a hot lunch, bring your own BBQ supplies, utensils etc and use one of our onsite BBQs to cook your lunch. BBQs are $1 for approx. 15 minutes.

Take Away Onsite Services
Available on weekends, public holidays and official Government State School Holidays we offer Take Away food options like Fish & Chips. Check out Facilities page for details and availability.

Vending Machines - Available everyday
Vending machines will cater to most of your needs and are available everyday.
Includes Snack foods, Hot & Cold Drinks, Coffee, Ice-creams, chips and confectionery.

GROUPS 20 - 50

For a group of around 20, you can generally find a special place to have your event without a reservation as the picnic grounds are quite large. Pick a spot and set up. 

Recommended reservation options
> Ye Old Shelter Table Reservations - $30 - Recommended for groups of around 30 or 40.
Making a Ye Old Shelter reservation will offer you peace of mind knowing that you have a prime 'base camp' no matter the weather conditions. Reservations made are for the entire day.

Please refer to our TICKETING options below.


Recommended reservation options
For Groups over 50 people, we recommend you reserve our Kings Castle Shelter. This building has the versatility to suit all types of occasions. Work and social clubs annual events,
car club rally’s, community events, naming rights and first year birthdays are just some of the types of get-togethers regularly hosted in this venue which can seat up to 300 people
For more info fill in the Booking Form 
or Call us on (03) 5284 1262.

Please refer to our TICKETING options below.

GROUPS OF 300 - 1,500 PEOPLE

Having hosted events numbering well over 1000 people, we have the experience and
know-how to make your event a success.
For more info fill in the Booking Form or Call us on (03) 5284 1262.

Please refer to our TICKETING options below.


 Paying from your car on arrival, you then proceed up to the car park/picnic ground area.
Parking is free with easy access.

If you wanted to pay for some or all of your guests these are your options:
> 1. Arrive together, (one car behind the other) and pay for everyone.
> 2. If arriving separately (as most people do) the guests pay the admission and you can reimburse your guests.
> 3. Purchase prepaid tickets from us and hand them out to your guests prior to the event date. On the day, they need to hand them in to gain entry. This method takes some organising as you’ll need to know exact numbers well in advance. A popular choice if paying for just the kids.
> 4. For larger groups, where you’d like to pay for everyone, there’s another option. For more details fill in the Group Booking Enquiry Form and we’ll be in touch.
Please note the Ticket Box does not accept guest lists or pre-payment on the day for arriving guests. Dropping off children at the entry gate should be avoided at all costs.


Knights & Dragons         King Arthur           Fairy Princess        Castle Princess


> Adults to supervise their charges at all times.
> Wear proper footwear.
> Only walk on paths
> No running
> No climbing
> No roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters or bicycles.
> Alcohol may only be consumed at picnic areas.
> Dogs admitted on a leash.

You enter the Fairy Park at your own risk, and on the CONDITION that the owner or operator of these premises or their servants or agents for you have NO RIGHT OF ACTION against any injury to you or any person or loss or damage to any property. It does not matter how the injury, loss or damage is caused, even if it is caused by NEGLIGENCE or BREACH OF CONTRACT of the owner or operator of these premises or their servants or agents.