FOR CURRENT OPEN DAYS PLEASE  Click here to see Calendar.  


IF SHOWERS ARE FORECAST: There is ample shelter provided to help shelter you from the elements should inclement weather arise. Apart from days with extreme weather Fairy Park provides a safe and pleasant environment for touring at all times of the year. 

> Paving extends to all the main areas of the venue.
> No need to worry about muddy surfaces.
> Try to avoid visiting on Total Fire Ban days (if possible).


> By entering Fairy Park, you acknowledge the Terms & Conditions as appears on the website
> Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at ALL times.
> Stay on footpaths at ALL times. Stay out of gardens. No climbing.
> Balls, Inflatables, Cricket sets, Scooters, Rollerblades or any other device that may jeopardise the safety of others or interfere with pedestrian traffic are not permitted.
> Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Dogs not permitted in Playground.
> No bbq’s, gas or flammable equipment and/or urns are permitted to be used - Smoking permitted in the designated smoking area only
> No picnics permitted in Camelot Playground or Fairytale Land
> Emergency Assembly Point signposted in paved car park area
> Fairy Park reserves the right to eject patrons, without refund, who fail to follow safety instructions or comply with any other conditions of entry.

You enter the Fairy Park at your own risk, and on the CONDITION that the owner or operator of these premises or their servants or agents for you have NO RIGHT OF ACTION against any injury to you or any person or loss or damage to any property. It does not matter how the injury, loss or damage is caused, even if it is caused by NEGLIGENCE or BREACH OF CONTRACT of the owner or operator of these premises or their servants or agents.