*July 2018 Update > Closed for Winter until Sat 25 August. School bookings from Mon 27 August. These dates are fully booked: Fri 31 Aug; Wed 5th Sep, Tue 11th Sep & Wed 12th Sep. 
We invite your students to Discover The Magic and unlock the enchantment that fairy tales hold. Suitable for pre-school through to year 6 and secondary school language students.
You may have noticed on our Calendar that we are closed every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.
No need to worry though, if you want to come on these days that's fine, you can (unless we are closed for Winter). The only requirement is that you have a minimum of 40 students and fill in the excursion form below.
For smaller groups please arrange to come when we are open to the public on Mondays & Fridays or ask (via the form) if we have any other schools booked in for those other days. If we do then we'll slot you in.

Holiday Programs have a different price structure...see below.


CHILD $7.50 (Prep-Year 8)
1 TEACHER admitted FREE with every 10 paying students
Additional adults $15
Minimum students required to gain a discount: 20

General Routine for School groups: Allow approximately 3 hours.

> Arrive and unpack items to chosen picnic area.
> Perhaps enjoy a morning snack & toilet break.
> Led by your own staff, move through the Fairyland section in groups. 3-5 minutes apart is optimal. We don’t have guided tours. 
> Return for Lunch.
> Play time at Camelot Adventure Playground (flexible time period to suit your needs).
> Some may wish to go through the Fairyland again.
> Bus departs.
* For your convenience, an invoice will be sent via email after actual numbers of visitors on the day have been confirmed ie. numbers through the gate on the day of excursion.
A list of Fairy Park’s Fairytale stories is available on our guide map. You can download it HERE. Upon entry, all adults will receive a printed Guide Map Brochure. 
Prices are GST inclusive. We will email the invoice to you. Please note that any adults/parents or siblings NOT included with the invoice will be charged at the regular admission prices upon entry. Prices not valid during school holidays. Prices subject to change. Minimum numbers of 20 students apply.


A popular excursion for holiday programs of all types. No deposits required.
We are open every day of every official Victorian School Holiday. All dates are available so just fill in the form above and we'll reply with your confirmation.
Minimum of 20 students to gain the discount price.
CHILD $7.50


> Adults to supervise their charges at all times.
> Wear proper footwear.
> Only walk on paths
> No running
> No climbing
> No roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, scooters or bicycles.
> Alcohol may only be consumed at picnic areas.
> Dogs admitted on a leash.

You enter the Fairy Park at your own risk, and on the CONDITION that the owner or operator of these premises or their servants or agents for you have NO RIGHT OF ACTION against any injury to you or any person or loss or damage to any property. It does not matter how the injury, loss or damage is caused, even if it is caused by NEGLIGENCE or BREACH OF CONTRACT of the owner or operator of these premises or their servants or agents.